Yesterday, while driving to the store, I saw this kid sitting on the side of the road with a sign. Before I could get close enough, I assumed the sign said "homeless." Instead, it said "Blessed." I had to turn around and go back. He told me he's 19, homeless, and trying to sell his artwork to make enough money for a train ticket to California. He had a lot to say about spirituality, God and life and I realized he had more sense than a lot of people I know who, on the outside, seem to have their lives together. He's not a beggar, he's not lazy, he's not stupid or uneducated or on drugs. He's simply taking an unconventional approach to life that, so far, seems to have worked on his character better than the conventional approach I see working in others.


Happy Cook / Finla said...

I saw the pic you added in FB.
I think normally when you see someone like that you think they are drug addicts , drunks etc.... i think it was nice that you talked to him and I do agree he must be a a snesuble young man and some other we know around in our circle.

SpicyTasty said...

Emotional!! I am glad u stopped and asked him.

Deeba PAB said...

Thanks for sharing this one such a different perception to life. It's funny how we tend to assume so much and are myopic in our vision. Well done!

revathi said...

I am touched... Only when we meet such people who don't give up hope in hopeless situations, we know what life is. It gives a whole new meaning to what we have at hand and how much we are blessed and how much more we can help others..:)

Cindy Dy said...

I must appreciate your post which is helping us in such a great manner.