Shriya's Mutton Soup

I was thrilled to see that Shriya of SpicyTasty had tried and liked my Slut Bread so much that I had to try one of her recipes. After enjoying and drooling over so many good posts, I decided to make her Mutton Soup. I took it to work and shared it with a couple co-workers who loved it as much as I did. I used lamb instead of mutton since that was more available, and I cooked it over a few hours as I am terrified of pressure cookers :D Thanks again Shriya for trying my Slut Bread and for giving me the the chance to try your Mutton Soup!

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SpicyTasty said...

Hi Meeso,
Wow. That looks really delicious and no wonder your coworkers liked it so much. Thanks for trying it and posting the picture! This is truly awesome..

Mona said...

Hi Meeso, That looks really yummy! Honestly speaking, i'm very terrified of pressure cookers too and i usually avoid them and cook meat for longer hours in a saucepan pan instead.. :-) Pressure cooker saves time though.

Arabic Bites said...

Hi meeso,

That looks so delicious, I'll certainly try it out soon ;)


meeso said...

~ Shriya, It was so nice to see my bread posted that I had to return the favor :)

~ Mona, It's nice to see someone else afraid of pressure cookers, the only other person I knew of was my grandma :D

~ Zainab, Thanks :)

Lavi said...

shriya's recipe's never fails..i have tried 4 to 5 recipe's from her spicytasty.

clour is so tempting..nice job

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Its so sweet of you to share the dish with your colleagues.. The dish looks delicious Meeso!!

meeso said...

~ Lavi, Yes...I think I will be trying more of her recipes!

~ Swati, Thank you :)