Some kinda' Sandwich

My daughter wanted lunch and I had no idea what to make... NOTHING sounded good to her... So I shuffled her out of the kitchen and came up with this... She ate it all and asked for another :)

I warmed up a pita bread, split it in half...I put a bit of baba ghannouj in each half, along with some baby spinach, lettuce, carrot, cabbage, thinly sliced onions and tomato...that's it!

~ Prejudice is being down on what we are not up on ~


vimmi said...

Thanks a lot Meeso for stooping by. Ur comments are really encouraging. It took me a long time to get the drive to start this blog, but ur words have been very encouraging. Your blog looks great and so do the pics. Best of luck to you too.


chanit said...

Like an Israeli pita Bread ..but your stuffing look so yummy :-)

meeso said...

Thanks was such a last minute thing and so simple but turned out so good I had to post it :)