Stupid STUPID Blogger!

So, for my past few blog posts, I've been unable to increase my font size... It publishes with the tiny print. I'm doing the same things I've done the past two years! Is anyone else having problems or know of a solution?


Swathi said...

Try this link, I don't Know it helps you are not.

Or use a new blogger templete.

Anonymous said...

I m struggling with a opposite problem on wordpres .he respite with these portals and their crazy themes!

Noor said...

Hey I am a graphic designer as well :p My site is

email me and I will hook your blog up for {free} only bc I love you :p

yasalamcooking at gamil dot com

Chitra said...

oh god tell me about it! i have to literally go in and edit the html sometimes because the code in blogger is messed up!