Recipes, Please :)

I have a few spices in bulk that I really need to use up before they go bad... If anybody has any recipes using these spices, please send me the link... This can be a recipe for anything!!! Veggie, meat, main course, side dish, spice mixes, ANYTHING!!! Here is my list of spices...

  • Amchur powder
  • Cardamom seeds
  • Kala Jeera
  • Nigella Sativa
  • Ajwain Seeds
  • Mace
  • Sesame seeds
  • Nutmeg
Thanks :)


Happy cook said...

Wow you will have no difficulty i making food with these spices, just go to any indian blog you will find variety of recipes

Adlak's tiny world said...

Hi meeso nice time in yr blog and thanks for visiting and for yr nice words in mine....

As Happy cook said u can get it in any Indian Blogs..

Cham said...

Hi Meeso,
I just gave some ideas, but usually they stay have longer self use compare to powder.
Amchur powder usually found in all chat or substitute for tangy taste
Cardamom seeds: Indian sweet doesn't exist, make chai masala or milk masala (cardam, nutmeg,mace,saffron little,...) Google it u will find some .
Kala Jeera: usually for biryani
Nigella Sativa: For any achar (pickle)
Ajwain Seeds: work well with digesti use even in puris..
Mace: season it for pulao and biryani
Sesame seeds: make a paste and use in gravy
Nutmeg: Use in non-veg it goes well..

meeso said...

~ Thanks :) Cham, Thank you for all the ideas!!!

mona said...

Meeso, you can find recipes using a few of the spices on my blog. You can have a look at them, if you want.

DEESHA said...

sesame will make a great paste for gravies .. try sauting parboiled baby potatoes with some red chilli & amchur powder .. season with sesame seeds & kala jeera .. tastes really good

Srivalli said...

meeso I am sure you got many ideas now...else shoot...:))..but as everybody said you can make many indian dishes with these! sure you are going to enjoy!!

Yasmeen said...

You could use amchur powder and ground cardamom seeds in your lentils like chick peas curry,meat and even in kabobs.
Kala jeera,mace are good for flavoring rice.
Sesame chutney with greens like mint and tamarind is good with any flavorful rice.Here are some of my sesame recipes
Hope that helps meeso:)

meeso said...

~ Thanks, Mona and Srivalli!

~ Deesha, I will try the potato recipe, thanks :)

~ Thanks for the ideas, Yasmeen... I will have a look :)

meeso said...

~ Thanks, Mona and Srivalli!

~ Deesha, I will try the potato recipe, thanks :)

~ Thanks for the ideas, Yasmeen... I will have a look :)

Sharmi said...

actually the spices you have mentioned don't go bad so fast. sesame laddus can be made. mack can be used in any kind of rice or gravy.
ajwain can be used in puris and chappatis. even in potato fries they smell good.
cardamom can be used in your tea.
you can combine lil cardamom, nutmeg, mace, amchur, cinnamon to make good garam masala.

hope this helps!

meeso said...

~ It does, thanks Sharmi!

Laavanya said...

I will see what I can find for some of these but I can't think of many recipes that use any of these spices generously except for the sesame seeds. Usually most of these have a pretty good shelf life. You may want to freeze the sesame seeds since they have alot of oil in them and may turn rancid otherwise.
You can grind the cardamom with some sugar (so it becomes a fine powder) and put a pinch or two when making tea or for quite a lot of sweet dishes. Will send you some links of other ideas I can think of.

meeso said...

~ Thanks so much, Laavanya :)

kahliyalogue said...

Hi Meeso,
Hope I can add to your list of tips..
If you like baking especially savoury biscuits/breads (not sweet)of any kind- the Nigella is lovely to sprinkle on the top as decoration that also adds a punch to the flavor.
The Ajwan is a great Ayurvedic treatment for digestion problems;stomach aches.You can always prepare an infusion in boiling water for this purpose or even chew on a few seeds.
The flavor resembles the Oregano family but much stronger,and I enjoy using these seeds as is,also in savory baking salty biscuits,breads and doughs(mixed inside the dough).
For the Cardamom,if you like Turkish coffee(or any other strong black coffee) -try crushing a few seeds and add to the coffee before brewed!This is how the bedouins drink their coffee & it`s amazing!

meeso said...

~ Hi Mia, Thank you for stopping by and for your helpful comment :)

delhibelle said...

my two cents:
sesame seeds
option 1 :nepalese aloo achar or

option 2: horenso goma ae( Japanese Spinach salad)

amchur, jeera, ajwain: can be used to make chaat masala

jeera, cardamom, mace & nutmeg: garam masala

cardamom: chai masala

that's all i can of think of right now

delhibelle said...

oh yes, you can also make baghare baingan, or mirchi salan with sesame

meeso said...

~ Thanks, Rashmi, I will have a look :)

Mediterranean Turkish Cook said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am glad you liked it :)

You also have a very nice blog.

Try your next cake or cookies with cardamom (ground) if you want to use it up. It does give the cake or cookies a great taste.

Navita said...

Hey Meeso..first time here..liked ur "sri" (guess thts ur DH's nick name)...u voice my outlook to life...hd visited ur webpage which led to MYspace..real cool! lol.
As for the spices...u can check my blog too( fairly new one though)...however will try to give u the related recipes' links corresponding to the spices.:D

Navita said...

Apart from sesame seeds, u can use the rest of the spices in Dal Makhaani here-

As for sesame seeds...u can toast them n sprinkle them on cooked tastes awesome, n then have them with the Dal Makhaani. :)

Hope it helped.

Navita said...

Just a note...cardamom, nutmeg, mace, are a part of "garam masala".

Malar Gandhi said... have got everything to prepare an Indian meal.....any Indian blog will be just perfect then....

meeso said...

~ Thanks :)

~ Hi Navita, I'm glad you stopped by, and thank you for all of your help! You really gave me a lot of great ideas :)

~ Thanks, Malar!

Adlak's tiny world said...

something waiting for u in blog dear. jus visit and pick up.

Uma said...

Wow, looks like you have so many ideas already! You got lovely spices in your pantry.

Bharathy said...

he he that was so cute a post, Meeso ;)
yup..any Indian blog will have variety of recipes with your stock of spices..
Curry powder and garam masala are options which could include most of the listed spices ;)

Navita said...

hey lo dear...loved ur visit..u certainly leave ur mark...i have a feeling we will gel along well.:D

Trupti said...

hi meeso...I'm gonna put in my two cents here:

amchur powder - use to make a sweet and sour chutney, mix some apple butter,chili powder, pinch of salt and some amchur powder and mix and you have a great chutney for samosas and the like.... store the amchur powder in the freezer and you can always have it on hand, its a great souring agent and can be used in curries(chholey, rajma) and parathas.

Cardamom - grind in a powder and add it to tea while the water is boiling...I usually grind a whole batch and store it in the fridge. Lasts a long time...and I also use it in desserts.

Kala Jeera- a MUST in punjabi cuisines..and biryani. Add it to ghee instead of regular jeera for a nice flavor for jeera rice and pulaos.

Nigella seeds- I am not a fan of these so I just use it in bhaturas and naans.

Ajwain- they keep for a LONG time...this tastes especially good when making green beans and gujju Okra curry.

Mace and Nutmeg- make some 'shahi' garam masala! (add some kala jeera and cardamom and make it even more decadent)

Sesame seeds- make some sesame chikki or sesame powder based curries.

good luck! and Happy Holidays.


meeso said...

~ Thanks everybody for all your help and input!

~ Thank you, Trupti, for so many great ideas :)