Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a couple pies my mom baked up to take over to my brothers for dinner. I will post recipes soon :)Apple Pie


Happy cook said...

Happy Thankxgivig.
Both the pies look delicious.
I have never ever made a pie

Kribha said...

Absolutely Gorgeous looking pies. Happy Thankgiving dear. Hope you have a great one with your family.

Cynthia said...

Nice combo.

Vcuisine said...

Happy Thanksgiving Meeso. Lovely pies. Viji

Namratha said...

I bet you had an awesome thanksgiving with these pies and more Meeso, I was off on a vacation to Orlando so couldn't get to your post sooner...hope you had fun! :)

meeso said...

~ Happy cook, thank you for the wishes :) You should try a pie sometime.

~ Kribha, thank you :)

~ Cynthia, It was so nice I think I ate way too much :D

~ Viji, Thank you!

~ Namratha, Thank you...I hope you had a great time in Orlando!!! My Thanksgiving vacation was really nice, but went so fast!