Yummy Recipes from other Bloggers

These are some recipes I've tried so far from other bloggers...they were awesome and I know I will be making them again!

Viji's SIMP Powder
Suma's Jhatpat Vadas
Meena's Chicken Curry with Potatoes
Sailu's Tomato Dosa

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Vcuisine said...

Nice tries Meeso. Viji

Miss Fara said...

I am so lucky to live right next door to such a good cook! Those butterscotch brownies are so YUMMY--they should be outlawed because I can't stop eating them! Keep on cooking Dory!!
Miss Fara

meeso said...

:)) Thanks Fara! I am posting the recipe tonight or tomorrow...and next time I make them I'll be sure to send over more!!!

Suma Gandlur said...

I am glad you liked my vadas recipe. Thanks for trying.
Your daughter is cute.:)

meeso said...

Suma...thank you :) The vadas were really great, and such a time saver too!!!