Best of Intentions

Here I go again...on another venture... maybe I do this just to see how long I'll actually stick to something. I know I might be too busy to start a blog, or keep up with it for that matter, but today I decided I really wanted to try. What I will end up doing with this is beyond me, although I think it's best to stick to something I really love (cooking & eating). I come from a big family full of people that love cooking, some of them really great at it, a couple not so much...but I have learned quite a bit from them, especially my grandma & mom. I intend to do something great with this blog...or at least learn all I can from the other bloggers...If all I get out of this is some new ideas and recipes to try, along with some friends, I think that is great enough!

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Beccy said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, I look forward to reading more of your posts.